About the Club

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We are a community of Change-makers moving ‘Business for Good’ forward in and around Brighton.

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Definition: Change-maker

A Changemaker is is someone who is taking creative action to solve a social problem. - Ashoka

Change-making isn’t just reserved for individuals founding ‘good businesses’. It encompasses anyone who sees a better future and wants to play a part in making that future a reality.

These Change-makers look beyond profit and want their business to have a positive impact in their communities or on the environment.
These Change-makers want to share their expertise and work with businesses that they don’t have to feel guilty about supporting.

The Good Business Club is a an equal mix of people joining who have an idea, are running or work in purpose-led businesses and individuals who want to support others businesses that are doing good in the city, and some members would consider themselves to sit under both of those definitions.

This isn’t about fitting everyone into a box. This community welcomes anyone who wants to build meaningful relationships with and work along side other like-minded individuals. Find out who is already part of this growing community on our Change-maker Spotlight.


Our Story

The Good Business Club is co-founded by Ruth Anslow (co-founder of HISBE) and Sara Osterholzer (startup business coach).

Find out why we started this initiative and what are ambitions are for ‘Business for Good’ in Brighton and Hove.