The Good Business Club is Getting Local Business Leaders Unstuck

6-months ago Ruth Anslow and I shared an idea with Brighton & Hove and sat back to see if it would help local change-makers start up and grow their businesses. Since then, we’ve developed and launched a range of offers for members of the networked based on their feedback and are excited to share that we’ve moved over 105 businesses forward already.

We want to share our journey so far and share plans for the direction we are headed for.

What is The Good Business Club?

The Good Business Club (GBC) connects change-makers and experts together to move ‘Business for Good’ forward in Brighton and Hove. We specialise in weekly Pop Up sessions that create a safe space for business leaders to bring any challenge that is holding them back and get support from peers and specialists to overcome these obstacles. 

Pop Ups alternate between 1:1 and group sessions and take place in different venues across the city including at the NatWest Entrepreneurs Accelerator, The Projects and PLATF9RM in Hove. To make the support as accessible as possible, these sessions are hosted on different days of the week and at different times of the day, including evening sessions.

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Testing out the concept with Early Bird Members

We started The Good Business Club with just a handful of dates in the diary for our Pop Up sessions in just two venues in town and decided to test out the concept with Early Bird membership of just £10/month which allowed members access to weekly Pop Ups free of charge as and when they needed it.

This membership offer has grown enormously since then and now includes;

  • A face-to-face welcome meeting with myself (Sara Osterholzer) to find out about your business, explore what your needs and ambitions are so we can connect you up to others in the network and amplify your work

  • Invite to a private online community (on Facebook and LinkedIn) where members can share asks and offers and find the support they need from this growing network without having to go through the GBC team

  • Monthly face-to-face informal social events for members where the GBC team will introduce you to other like-minded members and experts in the Club who have similar interests or ambitions

  • Exclusive discounts and offers from partner organisations which has included a give-away ticket and book from Meaning Conference event (Meaning Spotlight), discount subscription to Pioneers Post, discounted place on a _SocialStarters programme of support and free places on Chamber of Commerce Catch the Wave event

  • Opportunity to partner with GBC on workshops or networking events to showcase your business and offering to purpose-led businesses

  • Entry and access to a Directory of experts and supporters who are also passionate about purposeful business and can help you move your business forward

  • Monthly Snapshot of the best events, news and opportunities from the ‘Business for Good’ sector locally and nationally (which members are featured in)

  • Social media channels sharing daily news and opportunities to keep members informed as well as platforms to shout out about our members updates to increase their reach

+ access to weekly Pop Up sessions free of charge

We are now a 115 businesses strong network, with roughly 75% change-makers and 25% supporters. We’ve hosted 24 Pop Up sessions that we are getting glowing feedback from and where we are seeing we are able to really add value and get members unstuck by understanding their challenges and connecting them up to the support they need, when they need it.

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Creating a sustainable model to continue to support our members

It’s always been important to us that 1) the network is accessible and 2) that we are providing quality support and we are staying true to both values.

1) We will continue to offer change-makers and experts membership to GBC for £10/month

This will include full access to all the offerings we’ve been developing to date (listed above) so members can harness the power of the network to connect with other like-minded business leaders and experts and amplify their work across the city.

2) We will continue to provide quality business support through our weekly Pop Up sessions and we will charge an accessible price for this face-to-face support

Our Pop Up sessions will now be £20 a session - for either an hour with an expert or experienced business leaders or for a 3 hour group problem solving session with peers and experts. 

We’ve seen the power these sessions hold to help members shed their stresses, utilise others perspectives when they don’t have teams and ultimately overcome barriers. We look forward to helping you in the same way.


What happens next?

If you are a member of GBC, nothing will change with your membership. You still have unlimited access to all we have to offer.

Change-makers: When you need support from the GBC team or from experts in the network, you will be able to book onto one of our Pop Up sessions. Simple! 

Supporters: We’d like to talk to you about making your expertise accessible to members through our Pop Up format. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss this.

If you are NOT a member of GBC, what are you waiting for? Join the Club and get access to a growing network where you can access personalised support for your business as and when you need it.

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