Why routine is your key to freedom as a business owner

When I first set out as an entrepreneur, I didn’t have any real schedule or routine. After ten years as a Court Advocate, a masculine style of a strict, rigid and disciplined routine was the last thing I wanted. I wanted freedom. I wanted flow. I wanted feminine. Freedom to breath. Freedom to be me. And Freedom to go to a Yoga class whenever I wanted. 

But quickly I realised that the freedom part can be false lived. After my initial ‘rebellion’ from routine and rejection of the masculine systems and structures I’d grown up with in a corporate career  -- I began to feel my freedom disappear and that I should be working on my business every day, night and at weekends.

Maybe that sounds familiar to you?

Whilst working every day may work for a short while, it’s not sustainable in the long term and if you’re like me – I wanted to escape the shackles of never having any time for anything else but work. I love what I do but when freedom is a core value, it has to be at the heart of everything you do.

What I soon began to realise is that routine is crucial for success on my terms. It’s crucial for self care. And it is crucial for a business which is centred on serving its customers and clients in the best way possible. 

So here are my top ten tips of how you can get started with a malleable routine in your business :

  1. Colour code your diary – I have different colours for different sectors of my life : blue for self care, yellow for my loved ones, purple for working/coaching, green for networking and so on.

  2. Take half an hour on a Sunday, Monday or Friday to schedule your week ahead.

  3. Top and Tail your day : social media, emails and mindset when you start and finish.

  4. Different Focus for different days : Tuesdays to Thursdays I focus on appointments with clients, potential clients and collaborators. Mondays I focus on admin and visibility within my business and Fridays on writing/creating content.

  5. Create Mantras for example ‘everyday I create more time’ and my personal favourite ‘no-one messes with my yoga schedule’.

  6. Only take on one big business project at a time – ie. writing an ebook, re-doing your website, designing a new programme etc. too many will overwhelm you.

  7. Schedule in a regular Digital Detox – if you run an online business this is crucial.

  8. Outsource tasks that you are not so good at and/or are of lower value than the work you do.

  9. Ladies, know your power weeks and schedule in more during that time (Roughly day 6 to 20 of your cycle and around ovulation as your energy is at its highest)

  10.  Tune in with your beliefs around money and success – what are the negative ones you hold and how are they affecting the way you show up? 

The key I’ve found is to have a routine or schedule which is malleable to allow intuition, flow and creation to kick in.



Lulu Minns is an advocate and leading expert in guiding high-performing executive women to unlearn conventional rules, leave prestigious careers and launch businesses of significance. The best place to find Lulu is within the SHE Rebel Community on Facebook.