3 Easy Ways to Begin Visually Communicating Your Business Idea

So you’ve got a great idea, you’re clear on your brand’s meaning, values and personality*, and you’re ready to think about how to communicate all that to your audience. Verbally you might be working on your pitch and your key messages, but have you thought about visual communication? 

As the saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Visual communication allows us to instantly express ideas, personality and emotions: to engage our audience in a split second. A brand designer can help you to create a visual identity which will aim to express what your brand is all about, but if you’re not ready to take that leap yet, these tips will help you stay on track until then.

1.  Express your personality with colour

Using just one or two main colours and a few supporting colours can help your brand communications to be instantly recognisable. When choosing colours try to put aside the traditional rainbow of colours and instead consider what types of colours best express your brand personality: pastel, bold, jewel, or muted for example. Pick a few colours from within that spectrum and use them consistently across your online and printed communications.

2.  Use fonts carefully to ensure you look professional

If you’re not a graphic designer then choosing the right fonts for your brand can be tricky. Your best bet is to play it safe rather than use anything quirky or unusual at this stage - go for plain, simple classics like Helvetica or Times New Roman. The important thing is to choose a maximum of 2 fonts and stick to them - something bold for headlines and something easy to read for body copy works well. These will be your recognisable ‘voice’ and will help you to look professional, consistent and trustworthy.

3.  Collect images that resonate with your brand 

Get a mood board on the go for your brand! This is fun to do and will be a great starting point for briefing a designer when you get to that point. Use pinterest or a real life pinboard and start collecting images that express what your brand is all about. Think about illustrations as well as photos, and don’t forget to keep track of their source if you’re thinking of using any in your publications. 

Creating a strong look and feel for your brand will help you to communicate your idea, make the right first impression, and stand out from the crowd. If you’re based in or around Brighton, UK and would like to meet up for a free 1hr chat about your brand contact me here. Alternatively follow me on Twitter for more tips and news, or on Instagram for visual inspiration.

*if not you might like to read this blog first

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Chloe Upton is  a freelance brand identity designer who specialises in working with ethical businesses in Brighton to help them build strong brands, communicate their ideas and gain the support they deserve.