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Business Coaching & Advice with Ruth Anslow and Sara Osterholzer

  • NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator 149 Preston Road BN1 6AS United Kingdom (map)

Feel like you don't actually know what you're spending your time on every day and wish you could approach your business with more focus? Make the space to get an outsiders perspective and sound-board new ideas that will help you approach your business with clarity.

Book a 1-2-1 with an experienced business coach to get you unstuck.


This time is what ever you need it to be. You might want to soundboard a new idea, download a busy mind or get clarity on what next steps might look like. You might have a specific question or challenge that you'd like some advice on. Or maybe you're just looking to be connected to the right experts but you don't know where to find them. Come along to the session and we can help you.

There is nothing you can't bring to one of our sessions.

Format of the Session

Book a one hour slot to get the undivided attention of one of The Good Business Club co-founders, Ruth Anslow (an experienced social entrepreneur) or Sara Osterholzer (a social enterprise business coach).


Sessions are £30. Members of The Good Business Club get discounted tickets of £20. Use promo code 'member_discount' when selecting a time.

We will refund if cancelled up to 24 hours before the date. Booking is required so secure a time slot here.

Our Partner

The Club works in partnership with established business support providers in the city to enhance offerings and utilising existing resources.

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