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How to Crowdfund your 'Business for Good' Successfully with Crowdfund 360

  • The Projects 8-9 Ship Street BN1 1AD United Kingdom (map)

Are you thinking about running a crowdfunding campaign? Do you have a product you want to sell or a social enterprise to grow? Are you unsure what platform to use? Do you want to learn how to make match-funding work for you? or how to make your campaign succeed and stand out against all the others? Are you looking for donors, customers or investors?

Crowdfunding successfully, especially for a business for good is hard work. Let this workshop provide you the recipe to succeed.

On Indiegogo only 10% campaigns succeed. On Kickstarter only 34% succeed. On Crowdfunder 18% campaigns succeed. On Go Fund Me... lets not even go there.

Crowdfunding success rates are ridiculously low, it's not the free and easy money some people think it is. Just like running successful advertising campaigns, sales campaigns or even baking a cake - there is a strategy that focuses on organisation, creativity and psychology that's needed to be adopted in order to succeed.

Crowdfunding campaigns who have taken Crowdfunder360 training go on to have an 83% chance of reaching their fundraising target, this is 4x higher than the UK average.

What you will leave with

In this intense 2 hour workshop you will leave with a recipe and step-by-step guide on how to run a successful campaign. The workshop is taught through a mixture of a presentation, practical exercises related to your project and peer feedback. You will also be given worksheets and templates which can be taken home to continue working on.

You will learn:

  • which platform to use for your specific project

  • how to build your network (if the average pledge is £25, how many do you need to reach your target?)

  • what brand story to focus on

  • what imagery you will need to create

  • how to structure your project page and video to increase success rates

  • how to develop an effective email marketing plan

  • how to develop an effective social media (and PR) marketing plan

  • how to keep your backers engaged after the campaign has ended

It is estimated that you will be ready to launch your campaign in a minimum of 6 weeks of attending this workshop (meaning by Christmas you could have run a successful campaign and received your money)


There are a limited number of tickets available (10) so that people can fully share their ideas and benefit from feedback and collaboration during the workshop. Book your ticket here.

25% of ticket costs will be donated to the attendees crowdfunding campaigns that go on to launch following on from this workshop.


Crowdfund 360 is an award winning crowdfunding consultancy that has raised over £2.2 million for 50 socially focused organisations in the last 2.5 years. They have an 83% success rate with their crowdfunding campaigns.

Jes Bailey has run over 70 crowdfunding workshops across UK, Europe and Middle East. She is passionate about empowering people to be able to bring their dreams to life without being held back by a lack of funding.

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